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I got some sailor moon merchandise in the mail today ^u^

You look great! What an amazing Usagi~!

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Asked by milkwing:  
Please check your email

We have checked? What is this pertaining to? :) 

Please note: If we do not reply in a few days, we have recently moved and do not currently have wifi! Thank you!

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- must be following me and ri. 
- please follow all rules written above.
- winner will be chosen on oct 31.
- $150 will go towards circusdoll.storenvy.com .
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Waaahh~ My tights from Circus Doll arrived today. x3 I’m so happy with them. :D



My tights from Circus Doll arrived today. x3 
I’m so happy with them. :D

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I completely forgot to post these! I went to Otakon in baltimore this year and these were my cosplays! I think the Asahina and Gou cosplays were the most successful. 

Cosplay run-down

Asahina Aoi

Wig: Circus Doll from Storenvy

Costume (everything but the shoes) Cosplay Sky

Grell Sutcliff:

Wig: Cosplayshopper (styled by Alexandria Ley SHE’S GR10)

Costume: Red Star Cosplay


Wig: Cosplay Shopper (highly recommend this wig omfg)

Costume: Wincosplay from storenvy

Socks: Flinn & O’hara uniforms

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look what came in the mail today :D

now my legs are all pretty and cute(r than they already are ‘cause less be real legs are awesome)

one day i’ll be able to take nice pics of myself. one day.

ordered these from circus doll!

The socks look very cute on you! Glad you like them! :)

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Full Cat Set - Buy Here

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Full Cat Set -  Buy Here 

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45’ Alpacasso Plush~ Buy Here !

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